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Belsnickel Visits 3 Rivers Comicon

May 15, 2019


What happens when you see Krampus and Belsnickel running around? You don’t run and hide. You jump with glee.

They attended 3 Rivers Comicon over the weekend. As far as I know, these holiday antagonists hurt no children.

As always, we met some great people, reconnected with others, and even found out we are connected to Besnickel through some friends. Unfortunately, Belsnickel walked by while I was doing a podcast interview, so we didn’t get a great photo of his physique, but it’s good enough.

OK… I probably could have taken a photo later, but I’m not big on photography at cons. For some reason it makes me feel awkward asking for a photo. I need to break out of that mold to bring some excellent cosplay photos to you.

Who did we meet?

As always, no particular order other than ‘I pulled your business cards out in this order’ 🙂

Heart and Soul Parrot Rescue

Heart and Soul Parrot Rescue had several parrots at the event, including some beautiful macaws; my favorite bird of all time. If you are looking to adopt a parrot, check them out. As always, know what you are getting into before adopting any animal. Parrots take a lot of time and energy. I’d love to bond with one of these smart birds, but we just don’t have the time ourselves.



Julie Maguda

Julie Maguda is an artist starting the convention circuit. She is extremely talented. There were some stunning full pieces, including a Captain Marvel. Julie offers prints of her work. She also hand paints small canvases with pop culture icons. We talked with her and Chris, her husband, for a bit.

Chris writes in his spare time. He was telling us about his upcoming work, and I think fantasy readers will be pleased.




Victims and Villains

Victims and Villains is a podcast dedicated to geek culture and mental health. Josh and Erica stopped by the booth and interviewed me about my books, depression, and the Fae world. Josh is in the photo of Belsnickle above.

They are amazing people with a great mission.



Roxy Comics

Jessica writes hilarious comics about social awkwardness. She posts a new comic every week. They are hilarious and relatable. As always, even though her series is available weekly, I recommend supporting the author by purchasing books. With support, creators can keep up their great work.



Squid Farts Art – Sculptor of Awesome

We first met Amy and her awesome family at Steel City Con. She creates stunning 3d artwork. If you haven’t seen her Wendigo, check it out below and on her Facebook page. She sells some of her creations on Etsy.

She sculpted a worm from Beetlejuice for the last convention that was a fan favorite… and yes, the Wendigo is made from real bones and porcupine quills.

Golden Tree Publishing – Unicorn Melee & Samurai Comics

Madison writes comic books. In particular, Unicorn Melee and Eta. Unicorn Melee contains bright, happy illustrations with morbid depictions of unicorn corpses.

Eta is about a Japanese warrior in a black and white art style. Personally, I love black and white artwork. Maybe it takes me back to my drawing days, which I plan to start again soon.

We met up with Madison and Brittney for dinner, had some drinks, and a good time. There was Game of Thrones talk, but I won’t go into it here.



Crochet Craft Lady

Patricia crochets hats, cup holders, and characters from pop culture. She has some very cool Deadpool creations… even a regrowing Deadpool with the extra leg. I saw a Jane hat on her Facebook page, which I don’t remember seeing at the convention. Sooner or later, I need to get myself a Jane hat. If you’ve never worn a knit hat, they are the most breathable, bald friendly hats in the world.

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