A Fae A Day Blog and Podcast Series – Coming Soon!

March 21, 2019


Welcome to A Fae A Day Podcast.

Status: The first blog about leprechauns is posted. The podcast is in the works.

My name is Willow Shire. I create action-packed urban fantasy stories about fae creatures. Creatures of magic and myth. You might know them by their more common name–faeries. In writing my books, I decided I wanted to teach the world about this mythological race of magical beings. What’s the best way to do this? Well… how about a podcast?

During the course of this podcast, you’ll learn all about the Fae creatures of legends, myth, and potentially reality. Starting with the Irish/Celtic folklore of the Leprechaun, I’ll take you on a journey through the Fae world, introducing you to creatures of mystery and magic. From tiny pixies to mountainous giants, I’ll pick one Fae a day and discuss it’s history, personality, likeness, and popular stories.

The aim of this podcast is to educate you, the listener, about the creatures of these worlds. My work on the Fae Awakening series is not only an imaginative fascination. I’ve been studying the Fae world for years-learning from their stories and my own experiences.

I want to bring that world alive in my books, but why stop there. My books are very imaginative to bring the reader an escape from reality. This podcast is about going the opposite direction and discovering the reality of the Fae.

Whether or not you believe in the invisible people, their stories are here to stay. Stories told through the passage of time. Stories that have not changed, even in the world of modern media.

Let’s keep those stories alive. Let’s learn more about these kind, graceful, and sometimes tricky beings.

Are leprechauns mean?
What is a spriggan?
Who are the forest gods?
What is a water baby?
Do unicorns really exist?

I’ll tackle these questions and more, taking on One Fae a day. The podcast will be weekly, but we’ll take on one Fae at a time.

Remember you can email me anytime with your thoughts, questions, and stories. If you want to hear about a specific Fae creature, want me to dig into the topic more, send me message. Have you ever met a Fae being? Have you experienced magic and wonder? Let me know at willow@willoshire.com.

This podcast is for you the listener. As I build out the series, I want to include you in this journey, so lend me your thoughts.

While you wait for your next Fae A Day podcast, make sure you check out all of my exciting stories about creatures of magic and myth in the Fae Awakening universe. These action-packed urban fantasies tie into this podcast series. Fury, book one, follows Hunter and his team of Fae creatures as they take a job from a tricky leprechaun and hunt down a unicorn covered in fire.

The first Fae A Day podcast is not coincidentally about leprechauns.

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