Greed : An Urban Fantasy Heist

The Fae Awakening

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A gang of goblins sits across from the Well Spring bank, building a device in the back of their car. Due to the loss of a team member, they are waiting for another contact to arrive, so they may enter the bank and relieve the vault of its treasures without harming any humans. While breaking into the vault, things go horribly wrong.

This Fae Awakening short story will give you an introduction into some series’ characters and leave you wondering what will happen next with a cliffhanger ending.

Amazon Reviews

“This short story was absolutely riveting! Well written, no lag time, and definitely leaves you wanting more! So excited to read more from this author!”

“Loved this book, was a great read. Excellent characters and storyline.”

“Harry Potter fans will find themselves happily brought on an adventure that calls to that feeling of whimsy, following the story of rambunctious goblins. Even without having read the rest of the series that this story is attached to, it was enjoyable and interesting. Definitely worth the buy!

“A very unique telling of an unusual bank heist. The plan is set, but what happens when one of the group betrays them all? This is a good short story with a cliffhanger ending. The author does a wonderful job in describing everything from scenery to characters, and the story as it happens. The storyline is good, and I’m left wondering what happens next.”

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