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Magical Beings : The Fae Awakening Short Stories Volume 2

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Death, despair, kindness, and love all exist in the magical world of The Fae Awakening.

In volume 2 of the short stories, a dust sprite struggles to survive in his apocalyptic world.

An ancient gardener tends to the rocks in his forest and takes up a call for revenge after finding many destroyed.

Hikers camp in the woods only to find a dangerous hawk circling the skies, enslaved by something even more sinister.

Neighbors assume an elderly man is responsible for stealing children.

A reporter investigates mysterious beings around the world to tell the truth about their stories, only to meet one considered one of the most dangerous of all.

Watching a crowded club, a woman hunts for her prey.

Protecting his home, Faela, the Leaf Whistler, travels to find the source of his nightly earthquakes only to find something far more dangerous.

Finally, two animals find themselves meeting in the woods after lives of selfishness and despair.

In this volume, you’ll find 8 stories ranging from light to dark fantasy.

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