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The Dust Sprite

The Fae Awakening

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A short story about Dot, a lonely dust sprite. The last of his kind, Dot must journey into the desert to rebuild his body. Will he survive or be erased from existence?

The Dust Sprite : A Sample

Dot poked his round form from the shadows, searching for scraps of food while a giant slept in the cavern to the north. Moving slowly, Dot slid along the walls, making no sound. The search was lonely, Dot being the last of his kind.

He floated his round body, caked in brittle dirt, across the great expanse. A feathery strand of hair floated to the ground miles away. Dot needed this strand of hair. There had been no food in ages—not since the giant obliterated his kind.

Floating across the ground, Dot used the wind’s movement to carry him towards the falling hair. It danced lightly in the breeze. The peaceful dance mesmerized Dot.

Sitting in a dark crevice for years—maybe millennia—left Dot with little to do. He took joy in the simple things in life, while suffering from a deep loneliness.

The single hair fell silently to the ground. Wind pushed up around it. The wave of air blew past Dot, forcing him to float backwards. Brittle mud loosened, falling from his near invisible body. A few hairs tied his energy together in a tight ball. Once solid, a mixture of mud, dead skin, and random insect parts held Dot’s body together, but not for long.

If he didn’t find more soon, he’d vanish, simply disappearing when nothing held him together any longer. His loneliness tore apart his empty soul. Now, his physical form would be destroyed, blown into the winds, and forgotten by time.

Like everyone else.

Only they hadn’t suffered like Dot.

Dot knew the end was coming.

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