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The Fae Flash : They Know & The Wraith’s Love

The Fae Awakening

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Book one of The Fae Flash.

A magical cucumber,
A tiny polar bear,
Demons, shape-shifters, and headbanging jackalopes…

Enter the magical world of Niagara Falls.

In They Know, a magical cucumber grants Lachlan new powers, abilities he will uncover as he fights to find a stolen item for his friend.

Will he use his new-found powers for good? Or will he shock the humans he loathes?

In The Wraith’s Love, Lachlan learns how to use his new powers while investigating a wraith, a wraith draining the life from humans in the city. He’ll team up with Lillie, a demon from the jungle, to stop the wraith before it finds… love.

Read the first two stories inspired by readers of The Fae Awakening.


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