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The Fire Hawk

The Fae Awakening

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A Sample

Talon watched from a rocky outcrop overlooking the forest. A group of travelers exited their vehicles, unaware they were being watched—unaware their fate was sealed.

A sputtering voice coughed, “Watch them closely, Talon.”

The orange glow by Talon’s feet pulsed. Light reflected from his black eyes and sharp, black beak. Brown feathers lifted as he turned his head, scanning the scenery below.

The hawk squawked, “Are you sure they’re the ones?”

A burst of light exploded by Talon’s legs. “We have no choice. I must consume, soon, or forever be extinguished.” The light sputtered. “Tonight, I must dine on flesh.”

The hawk turned. “Then my debt is paid.”

“Your debt is paid when I say it’s paid. This is as perfect a spot as any.”

Talon tired of dragging his master from place to place, looking for the perfect spot, the perfect prey. He owed his life, his freedom, to the orange light. Without his appearance outside the compound walls, where Talon lived in a tiny cage for years, Talon would never be able to fly free.

Yet, he grew tired of his master’s demands.

Talon argued, “My debt is paid, or I leave you here.”

“Don’t forget who released you.” The orange glow sputtered. “I can find you anywhere.”

Turning his head and focusing on the vehicle below, Talon said, “I haven’t forgotten.”

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