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Caged Proofs Have Arrived!

August 16, 2019


The proofs for Caged arrived in great condition. Check out the images below. I’ll be announcing the release in the coming days (possibly a week or so if our Chicago Wizard World trip gets in the way of things).

Here’s the back text:

Imprisoned after the Albino’s attack on the Sidhe; Hunter and his friends find themselves trapped by an invisible force field, fighting to escape. Several of their friends have gone missing, forcing them to look for clues and meet new Fae along the way.

The Albino attempts to coerce the humans to his side, revealing his plans and making their friends suffer. Working as janitors, the humans can only hope the Albino doesn’t take things too far.

Will Hunter’s team survive sadistic guards, angry prisoners, and unpredictable Fae?

Read Caged, book 3 of the Fae Awakening, to continue Hunter’s journey.



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