Fury : an Action-Packed Fantasy Story

Will Hunter and his team stop a furious unicorn covered in flames, or will they die in the process?

Follow Hunter and his team of Fae creatures—ogres, brownies, gargoyles, and more—as they track a unicorn, fighting monsters along the way.

Fury is the first book of the Fae Awakening, an ongoing series continuing with Revenge.
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4.5 Stars on Amazon!


Wow! This book grabs you from the first sentence! Action packed, dangerous situations, yet still a chance for redemption for Hunter and George. Highly recommend to anyone that enjoys paranormal tales!”  – Mary, Amazon Review



“In this fantasy, the goblins, trolls, giants, gargoyles and other mythical beings come out to play and coursing mayhem, chaos, and death. The hunter has been called in to put them straight but can he and his friends like the all knowledgeable Bonnie do this job before all hell breaks loose. A tale filled with intrigue, deceit, anger and most of all love, an interesting and exciting read.” – Emris, Amazon Review



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