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Your Invitation to My 2020 Author Resources Video

Happy New Year!

I’m reaching out because you’ve been a great Twitter friend, engaged, and you’re awesome with your readers.

Currently, I’m working on a self-publishing resources website for indie authors. It started from the hordes of authors asking me questions at conventions. My background helps me market, and I already knew many of the tools.

Many authors have asked for me to share my tools and insights.

Step one of the project is to introduce indies to all the tools available for their writing success. I write articles and create videos walking people through the tools.

The site is about to soft launch, but I want to include the start of phase two as well… welcoming indie authors to give advice to others.

In doing so, I’ll include your work, links, and bios with the articles on my website.

To start, the audience will likely be small, but with how often I’m asked, I’m sure it will become a great resource for authors.

So, with that bit of background….

Would you like to participate in the first author video?

I’m looking for a 30sec-ish video clip with one thing you would recommend indie authors pay attention to in 2020. It could be anything that would help them succeed–pro book covers, editors, etc–preferably one thing you wish you knew when you started writing.

If you’re in, I’ll include your video and announce it on launch. I just ask that you share it with your followers when it launches. This is meant to be a site where authors can find tools and information to be successful. If you provide 3-4 sentences about what you do and a link to your work, I’ll include that on the site, too.

This is meant to be a free resource. I will be using affiliate links to generate revenue in order to pay for the time, hosting, etc, and keep the site running. As we all know, nothing runs forever without money.

Let me know if you’re interested. If you are, there will be more video opportunities in the future. I’m thinking of making this a monthly video, authors sharing quick advice, particularly on one specific topic for that month. Then using Twitter, #hashtag currently being brainstormed, for the discussion aspect.

The Video

A quick 30 sec clip with your phone or webcam will be great. It doesn’t need to be the most professional in the world. Introduce yourself, your work, and then give your quick tip.

You can email it to me or use any number of file sharing services—Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

Don’t hesitate to DM on Twitter or email with questions.

I hope you’ll join in! The first video will only feature 5-10 authors at most. Please let me know either way. If you aren’t interested, I’ll reach out to another author.

And you won’t hurt my feelings if you tell me to pound salt. LOL. I’ll still think you’re awesome! 😉

Also, if you don’t want to do a video, you are more than welcome to write in a tip and I’ll read it out loud.


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