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The Bard’s Choice : Will’s Reviews #3

January 3, 2020


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The Bard’s Choice by Olivia Berrier was a surprisingly great book. Why surprising?

At first glance, we “judge a book by its cover.”

I try not to do this, but we’re all human. The back of the cover was interesting, but the cover itself was not a genre specific cover. It relates to the story, but doesn’t excite me.

The back text excited me!

In this story, the characters come across a magical, green stone. The stone attracts adventure to the owner. The stone craves it. That adventure may be good… it may bad.

As the stone travels from place to place, it brings good luck to some and bad luck to others. The true nature of each character is revealed.

Are they good?

Are they bad?

Will they help when they are needed?

We all want bards to sing songs of our adventures. Each of us craves adventure in some way. It’s why we read, escaping our reality to experience another.

What would you do if the stone appeared?

Give this book a read. It’s small. The formatting is a bit awkward. I’m nearsighted and the small font made it more difficult than other books, but it’s a quick read.

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