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Time Burrito : Will’s Reviews #1

January 2, 2020


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What can I say? Look at the cover…

There’s a cat riding a burrito. Why wouldn’t you read this book?

This is a very creative story. I loved every bit.

It follows a character named Pete. Pete works all day at a burrito stand serving the worst burritos known to mankind. His passion is to find the greatest ingredients and make a burrito that puts all burritos to shame.

Wandering around, he stumbles upon the solution—time travel!

Think about that. If you have any problem in your life, you could just use time travel to fix. That’s what Pete does.

The characters in this book are unique. Pete is a treasure trove of pop culture references.

He is, however, the dumbest character I have ever experienced in a book—an example of too many movies and video games. His whole world experience relates back to his television.

Expect time travel.

Expect dumb jokes relating to movies and pop culture.

Expect caveman humor.

Expect chaos.

Most of all, expect fun.

It does have its issues. It could’ve used a few more editing passes, yet they weren’t bad enough to ruin the story. The writing style is different. I don’t know how to describe it and the references that are used throughout.

If you’re looking for a fun, chaotic adventure, I definitely recommend this.

If you’re looking for a complex plot or in-depth character development, this isn’t that story. This story is fun.

Just look at that cover…

Warning: If you are a hard science fiction fan, one who likes time travel stories based in accuracy, logic, and without paradox—this is not that story.

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