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What to expect in 2019

January 4, 2019


Happy New Year!

I hope your New Year was full of fun and excitement. We played board games on Sunday, opting to stay inside on the New Year. Later at night, we were surprised to hear gun shots…

…which turned out to be fireworks in the field at the neighbor’s house. That’s when we realized it was midnight and pulled ourselves away from binging The Magicians on Netflix.

So, what’s going to happen in 2019?

Well, my plans keep growing. Here are some things you can expect to see coming down the line.

First of all, I’ll try to keep in touch weekly through my newsletter. If you ever get bored of the emails, or decide you want to stick a hot poker in my eye, feel free to unsubscribe at any time. You won’t hurt my feelings, and I’d rather you didn’t burn out my eyeball.

I think I need it. : )

Second, I’m working on opening a store to give you discounts, packages, and things that Amazon doesn’t allow without entering their KDP program, which is a program that forces you to only sell on their platform. I’m not entered, opting to sell everywhere, so discounting and special offers get kind of weird. Therefore, I’ll have a central location to give you great deals on my stories.

Third, the launch team is opening soon. Interested in getting all of my stories for free for life? Keep your eyes open for those details in your email and on social media. There will be a limited number of seats.

Last of all, there are a ton of exciting stories coming down the line. If you liked Fury : An Urban Fantasy (Book one of The Fae Awakening Series) or Greed : An Urban Fantasy Heist (A Fae Awakening Short Story), keep your eyes open for the following works.

Revenge : Book Two of the Fae Awakening Series – February

What happens to Kawa? What is the council’s decision regarding Hunter? This story continues the Fae Awakening series, revealing more of Kawa’s background as the team tracks down missing humans… and Fae.

Three, Four, & Five – TBA

Yes, I have plans for up to five main books right now. I’m working on book three. As things progress, I’ll keep everyone posted with the timelines.

The Magician – A Dark Urban Fantasy Short Story – January

Series Timeline: Occurs during Fury

A magician stands behind a glass counter, showing a child parlor tricks, when a stranger wearing a bloodied, white scarf demands to see real magic. Will the magician satisfy the stranger’s craving?

Introducing a new character to the Fae Awakening series, this dark urban fantasy will keep you wondering…

What is beneath the scarf?

Conversations with a Brownie – In Progress

What happens when Hunter is taken to the council, leaving Bonnie with Brad? This story will directly answer some questions about the Fae Awakening universe, while filling in the gaps of what happens to the group between Fury and Revenge with Hunter at the council.

Faela – The Leaf Whistler – Sometime February at the latest

A story about Faela, the smallest of characters with a very big role in the series. Synopsis in development.

Leah – Title TBD – Sometime February at the latest

A story about Leah, an elf and protector of the forest. Synopsis in development.

And don’t forget…

I’ll be at several conventions this year, offering print books and signings. Check out my events page for all of the details.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to email or use social media. I try to answer everyone. I do limit my time on social media, so my responses may not be super quick, but I will try to answer everyone.

Happy Reading!
– Will

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