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What’s your favorite fantasy creature?

December 26, 2018


Happy Holidays!

A few weeks ago, I asked, “What’s your favorite fantasy creature?” The responses started trickling in, and I’ve collected and determined the results.

It’s been a little longer getting this post written. Chaos comes with the holidays – going to events with family and friends, preparing the house for visitors, making sure all of the presents are wrapped, which I forgot to do for my partner, Kat, realizing it when we began gathering gifts for the exchange…

…and then there was preparing for the family Rottweiler’s first trip to visit my home, which is owned by three very territorial felines.

It’s been a bit chaotic, but in a good way.

Now, I’m catching up.

The results were wide ranged. I expected to see a lot of responses including dragons, unicorns, and vampires, probably the most widely used fantasy creatures – in my experience.

With the exception of one of those creatures, the results were vastly different.

Tied at the top of the list, we have


Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Image from Buffy Fandom –


Griffon from the D&D Beyond handbook –

and Giant Spiders.

Giant Spider from the D&D Beyond handbook –

Honorable mention:


My favorites are brownies and gargoyles. Both are represented by characters in my Fae Awakening series.

If you are interested in reading about brownies, you can find more info in the What is Bonnie? post from earlier this month.

My email list and social media reach are growing fast. Once I hit a larger number, maybe in six months, I’ll rerun this poll and see if the results change.

Until then, happy reading! And happy holidays!

– Will

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