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Fury : An Urban Fantasy & Mystery

The Fae Awakening : Book One

Indebted to the Fae council, Hunter investigates crimes committed by Fae beings against humanity, as required by a treaty between the human and Fae worlds. Hunter is secretly building out a large retirement fund by operating an illicit business on the side.

When Hunter returns from a botched theft overseas, he finds out his business partner, George, has taken on a job from an untrustworthy leprechaun. His team must work together to find a monstrous unicorn, covered in a black moving liquid and surrounded by flames, who has destroyed the site of a new energy project and killed several humans, leaving empty holes in their chests.

Along the way, Hunter will have to take on the protection of two young men, Brad and Andy, who have no idea the Fae world exists. They’ll follow Hunter rather than risk being alone, meeting many friends, and many enemies they thought only existed in fairy tales.

Amazon Reviews

This book was so good. It keeps you wanting to know what’s coming next.”

“Please give this book a shot! You wont regret it! It is great!

Amazing job by author I’d be happy to read many more of his books.”

“Fury is a very interesting tale that combines elements of mythological creatures, magic and some of the actions taken to keep the fae realm separate from the human realm. I enjoyed it very much and loved reading about the characters especially Henry and Kawa. You will have to read it yourself to find out more about them ;-). I plan to read more by this author. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

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Capture : The Fae Awakening Short Stories

Capture includes five Fae Awakening short stories in one print volume; Greed, The Leaf Whistler, The Forest Guardian, The Magician, and Sugar High. These stories follow characters in the world of the Fae Awakening on their journey to meet each other in Caged, book 3. All stories are available individually in electronic format. This is the print collection.

A gang of goblins sits across from the Well Spring bank, building a device in the back of their car. Due to the loss of a team member, they are waiting for another contact to arrive, so they may enter the bank and relieve the vault of its treasures without harming any humans. While breaking into the vault, things go horribly wrong.

The Leaf Whistler
Carrying the legs of a gnat over his shoulder, Faela realizes he needs to go in search of food. The leaves disappeared long ago, leaving the dirt dry, forming a dying desert around his home. The animals and insects have long gone, leaving him behind.Using his skills as a leaf whistler, Faela will have to tame dangerous animals to find his way into the forest and reach a mystical force of giant proportions.Will he find his way? Or will the natural world eat him first?

The Forest Guardian
Leah walks through the forest searching the dark side of trees. She knows the Fae are going missing and takes precautions to avoid being next.A squirrel runs up to her, chattering about horrible deeds being committed along the creek.Will Leah avoid the same fate as her Fae brothers and sisters?

The Magician
A magician stands behind a glass counter, showing a child parlor tricks, when a stranger wearing a bloodied, white scarf demands to see real magic.The stranger reeks of death and decay, hiding darkness beneath a fedora and scarf.Will the magician satisfy the stranger’s craving?

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Revenge : An Urban Fantasy & Mystery

The Fae Awakening : Book Two

After Kawa’s furious outburst at the Sidhe, Hunter awaits his appearance with the council in a dirt cell. Hunter will fight to keep his freedom or be sent to the Root Den. With orders to bring Kawa in dead or alive, Hunter gathers his team of friends and foes to track the elusive bigfoot.

Enlisting the help of a mysterious gargoyle, fierce ogre, and feisty brownie, will Hunter be able to find Kawa? Will Kawa destroy everything in his path, leaving a bloody trail behind? Or is there more to the story?

Revenge continues the action-packed events of Fury in the Urban Fantasy series The Fae Awakening. You’ll learn more about the team’s past, meet more enemies, and uncover clues behind the human and fae disappearances.

Begging the question, what is really going on?

Amazon Reviews

“This author keeps you on your toes. The action never stops.

What a wild ride (read?)! Revenge is filled with danger, battles, suspense and good versus evil. Will O’Shire blends all of those elements and his amazing characters with his powerful imagination to create this fantastic story. I highly recommend it and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

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Fantasy & Supernatural Author

Willow Shire, AKA Will O’Shire, was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a fiction author writing in the fantasy, supernatural, and horror genres. Will loves to write about the Fae world and incorporates the mythology, legends, and beliefs of our ancestors into his stories. Currently, he lives in central Pennsylvania with his partner, where he can hike the mountains looking for fabled creatures.